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Vehicle Modification and Customization

Car enthusiasts can range from classic car collectors – who may use custom parts to maintain their vehicles – and those who customize their vehicles for the utmost aesthetic or performance standards. However, it is important to recognize that there are laws affecting the use of some car modifications. Certain state or local laws may prohibit drivers from changing certain car parts, which can include performance-based changes or those involving a vehicle’s appearance.

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What Are Car Mods?

As popular as car modifications have become, some drivers are still uncertain as to what can be changed in a vehicle and what cannot. Different modification kits can include a large number of possible changes, with multiple companies competing over even very specific parts. Modifications can change the following, for example:

  • Spoilers
  • Tire flaps
  • Tires, wheel sizes, or rims
  • Nitrous oxide kits
  • Body kits
  • Changes to lights or horns
  • Stereo systems
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Mufflers

From a legal standpoint, a particular mod is not usually legal or illegal on a national basis. However, some states and municipalities do not allow drivers to modify their vehicles in ways that could increase emissions or compromise the safe operation of the vehicle. On the other hand, some states and cities are relatively open to the use and installation of after-market parts.

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