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Speeding Drivers

Ask any highway patrolman what the top safety risks to highway driving are and they will almost certainly include speeding in their top three. Speeders are responsible for many of the thousands of severe car accidents that occur every year. Whether it’s going 25 in a 20 mph school zone or zooming along at 80 when the speed limit reads 65, speed kills. Each year many innocent lives are affected by a thoughtless driver who is just going too fast.

Some drivers have a terrible habit of speeding. No matter what the speed limit is, they will exceed it by 10 miles per hour or more. Speeding creates hazardous conditions for other drivers in many ways that the speeder may not even notice. Drivers may be distracted by someone who cuts in and out of traffic to continue racing up the roadway at a high speed. They may be caught off guard by a driver who suddenly sprints past them, possibly causing an innocent driver to swerve or crash.

Other Dangers of Speeding

Drivers who exceed the speed limit are also a danger because they cannot appropriately slow and stop as quickly as traffic going the speed limit. Traffic light durations, such as the length of time that a light stays yellow, are set based on the speed limit. A speeding driver is more likely to run a red light because he or she cannot slow down in time and may crash into traffic that enters the intersection on a green light.

A driver going too fast is also more likely to lose control on a bend or turn, possibly crashing into another car or causing it to veer off of the road. People speeding through neighborhoods, school zones, or other areas with high pedestrian traffic may not see pedestrians, bicycles, or other traffic in time to stop safely. Vulnerable road users are especially at risk of being severely injured or killed by speeders.

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