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Defective Headlight Failure

The normal hazards of driving, which are numerous in all circumstances, are compounded in the darkness of the night. It becomes more difficult to see road obstacles and the time a driver has to react to adverse or dangerous conditions is cut down significantly. In order to counter these issues, it is extremely important for all vehicles to have properly functioning headlights. In rural or suburban areas with limited street lighting, headlamps may be the only way a driver can see what lies in front of him or her.

Unfortunately, vehicle headlights have been plagued by manufacturing defects in the past, and will undoubtedly have issues in the future. These defects can put drivers, passengers, and other people near the affected vehicle in harm’s way and greatly increase the risk of serious accidents.

Defect Consequences

Obviously, the most serious result of having defective headlights is that they can cause accidents where people may be seriously injured or killed. If a vehicle’s lights go out completely on a dark stretch of road, the driver may collide with an obstacle or unprotected pedestrian. On the other hand, defectively bright headlights can blind approaching drivers and create the potential for head-on collisions on roads with no median.

Even in the fortunate event that faulty headlights do not cause an accident, the problem can be very expensive for a vehicle owner to correct. Replacement headlight systems can cost well over $1,000. In a recent rash of defects in a top manufacturer’s vehicles, owners were quoted prices up to $1,800 to rectify the situation that plagued high-intensity lights.

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