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Blinker Failure

Car lights are the primary way that drivers are able to communicate with other drivers. A driver may flash her brights at another to inform him that his headlights are not on, or to signal to a motorist that he or she may enter the lane or go first at a stop sign. One of the most crucial lights that communicate important directional information between drivers is the blinker light. This light lets other drivers know when a vehicle is about to change lanes, or that a driver is planning to turn left or right up ahead. Without a working blinker, other motorists have no way of anticipating what a driver plans to do.

A burned out or malfunctioning blinker can cause serious problems on the road, possibly leading to an accident. An individual with a bad signal light may believe that she has properly signaled and informed others of her plan to change lanes, but if the light is burned out, the other motorists may suddenly have to brake or swerve when she changes lanes without warning.

Similarly, a motorist may signal a left turn at an intersection but may have a burned out lamp. While he thinks that he has communicated his left turn, traffic behind him may not have been forewarned and may be startled when he suddenly applies the brakes to make the turn. This miscommunication could result in a rear end collision that leaves both drivers injured with extensive vehicle damage.

Blinker lights should be checked each year when you have your car checked for state inspection. However, a lot can go wrong with a car during the 11 months between inspections. Check all of your car lights periodically to ensure that you can properly communicate with other drivers and be seen, including your headlights, brights, fog lamps, brake lights, blinkers, running lights, and back up lights. A simple bulb replacement could prevent a costly accident.

Sometimes maintenance workers fail to catch blinker problems or may install a bulb improperly or give you a bad bulb. If you have been in an accident caused by blinker failure and believe that a negligent mechanic or defective bulb is responsible, someone may be liable for your accident costs. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, vehicle damage, lost wages from time off of work, physical therapy costs, and pain and suffering.

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